About Otherwild


Otherwild is a queer-identified woman-owned store, design studio and event space located in Los Angeles and online, centering ethics at the core of our business. Otherwild was founded in 2012 within a vast multidisciplinary community of artists and designers, dedicated to showcasing goods made with care by individuals. We offer beautiful and well-designed products and apparel, as well as an array of refillable bulk home cleaning and personal care products + lo/no-waste reuseables under the moniker Otherwild General.

Otherwild designs and produces our own line of apparel and home goods independently and collaboratively as well, incorporating a passion and respect for the handmade into our work. We are dedicated to producing goods made within an ethically-sourced supply chain, researching continually and adjusting as we learn. We aim to manifest a coutercultural relationship to exploitative, extractive and excessive consumer capitalist culture, dedicated to carrying products made with care, concern and awareness of their impact and design.  

Otherwild is committed to utilizing our resources to provide sustained support for our staff, vendors and suppliers, as well as to grassroots activist and social justice organizations and via direct grants to makers through Anotherwild Fund. 

Otherwild is owned by Rachel Berks, who is based in New York with her partner A.L. Steiner and three dogs, Pocket, Deer and Teddybear. 

photo by Yael Malka