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Before there was a bar of soap, before Gary Austin started to think about making soap, there was a strong, inspiring woman known to all as SallyeAnder.

Ten year old Gary Austin saw her as the embodiment of can-do rural American spirit. Gary describes her: “She was our family’s next door neighbor, and kind of like an adopted great aunt for me. SallyeAnder worked her family farm in New York’s wild Adirondack Mountains. She was practical, intentional, no-nonsense. She grew hops and potatoes and raised cattle. She was a bartender and a bouncer, she baked bread, she fed and cared for her parents, two sisters and a brother from her garden and farm. Through her we discovered the natural world.”

SallyeAnder was never taken in by the fake or things that were fancy for no reason. SallyeAnder understood hard work, honesty and a practical kind of love. She taught us the values our company continues to live by.

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