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Maria Schoettler is an artist, illustrator, trail-walker, flower-stalker, farmers’ market sweetheart, and fairweather botanist based out of Oakland, California.

She studied painting at UC Santa Cruz, where she earned a B.A. in Art Practice in 2007. In her early work, from her time at UCSC and beyond, it was the human form in all it's strangeness, it's expressive quirks, that held her attention, and it was there that her flair for color work became rooted in careful practice and grew into an artisan’s knowledge of how pigments interact on palette, canvas and page. Since that time, she has (mostly) swapped oil paints for gouache, grand canvases for the intimacy of illustration, and has brought her attention to the subtleties of human expression over to the world of plants, flowers, roots, and fruits.

A skilled and joyful cook, Maria has a flirtatious relationship with fruits and vegetables which livens up her kitchen and lends an energetic vibe to her deliciously observant illustrations. She is best known for her “Eat Local” produce calendar, a month-by-month guide to seasonal eating, which she has been imagining and reimagining each year since 2008. That project opened the way for a whole array of illustrated goods—note cards, prints, tea towels, and more—all of them little tributes to the beauty of natural things and the pleasures of a life lived healthily and sustainably. 

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