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'I make each piece with special love and care. About 60% of my fabrics are given to me by friends for no cost which allows me to keep my prices reasonable. I don’t have a desire to mass produce or be on any sort of fashion schedule other than the weather. I make clothes as an interdependent part of my work which includes designing dances, dancing, painting and community activism. I work in non-standard sizes of Small, Medium, and Large. I use a wide variety of natural and synthetic fabrics and materials that might not be considered fabrics. I have a propensity for brightly hued patterns; there is something for me about looking at or being inside of many different patterns that makes me feel alive and calm. Many of my designs began as outfits for dance pieces both my own and other choreographers. I would prefer to be naked as much of the time as society and temperature allowed but if I have to wear clothes I want them to be comfortable and durable and make me want to move my body. In my process of making pieces I design them, procure the fabrics, test them out on my friends and send them out into the world. Since moving to Los Angeles 8 years ago I have had the incredible opportunity to work with a wizard seamstress who I can’t publicly name. She expertly makes the patterns, cuts the fabrics and sews them. I don’t know what I would do without her intelligence and supreme skills.'
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