Collection: Heron and Lamb

Heron and Lamb Collective is a jewelry collection born out of Chicago that is inspired by the natural world and the excavation of ancient artifacts. The collections evoke feelings of nostalgia and romanticism, and wabi sabi design,  while facets from geology, nature, and archaeological discoveries strongly echo sentiments throughout each series. 

Founder Raven Locadia began production behind Heron and Lamb in 2010 and has since amassed a broad range of self-taught techniques and skills, such as glasswork, metalsmithing, resin casting, and stone inlaying, which has brought forth a unique and growing diversity to each collection. "I'm deeply inspired by geology and archaeology," Locadia says. " The construction and functionality behind excavated vessels has always been something I've wanted to incorporate in my work. Each shape had it's own unique purpose that contributed to a way of life."  

The preservation of natural materials and the lore behind crystals and ancient vessels are reoccurring themes. "I'm learning more about the properties of crystals and apart from being struck by their individual beauty, the significance and properties behind stones allows me to make something that is extremely personal to the wearer."

  Inspired to create jewelry that can transcend generations and serve as a relic for each individual wearer, Locadia is driven to create sturdy statement pieces and miniature renditions of some of the larger classics.  The one-of-a-kind USA-sourced stones are carefully selected and each hand-formed vessel is artfully constructed into wearable art, creating a hybrid of luxury craft brewed with a raw yet refined aesthetic.

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