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When you give or receive a greeting card, it’s special. Think about the last time you opened your mailbox to discover a handwritten envelope with a card for you inside. Someone took time to write you a note and dropped it in the mail to brighten your day. It felt great, right?

It was from this place that Graphic Anthology began in 2010 with three art prints and an Etsy shop. We needed something to uplift and inspire us that we weren’t finding in the big box stores. Since then, our product line has grown beyond those first prints to include a growing selection of greeting cards and gift items all with a focus on joy and simplicity that encourage relationship making (and maintaining) with those you love most.

Almost a decade later, and we’re still passionate about creating thoughtful, joyful products just for you. Everything you see on this website is designed and printed in the USA on recycled papers with a kindness first policy: to you, our vendors, and the environment. We believe this results in beautiful, quality products that make you feel good.

Because ultimately, that’s what stationery should do!

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