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I practice community-based intuitive healing that weaves plant and stone medicine, ancestral and queer magic, and justice work. Drawing on my training as a spiritual counselor and herbalist, as well as my ancestral lineages (sephardi/ashkenazi Jewish), I ground my healing work in a commitment to collective liberation and self-determinism. I believe working with the invisible is an inherently radical practice and that magic has the capacity to help us break the spells cast by systems of oppression. My work and life are inspired by and supported by  a web of teachers, healers, artists, dreamers and witches rooted in Disability and Healing Justice, earth-based diasporic Judaism, and queer liberation.

I live on occupied Pocumtuc/Nipmuc territory, also known as Western Massachusetts, where I teach, create ritual, make potions, and maintain a local and distance healing practice.

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