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Otherwild and Bullhorn Press are thrilled to announce the release of INITIATION, a limited edition letterpress print series presenting the work of eighteen Los Angeles based artists. Otherwild is a hybrid graphic design studio and retail store of design-oriented and handmade goods. In August of 2014, Bullhorn Press, a letterpress print studio, relocated to a space within the Otherwild retail store. Sharing space and the natural synergy between graphic design and letterpress printing prompted Rachel Berks (Otherwild) and Jaye Fishel (Bullhorn Press) to collaborate. The project was born of the desire to create material in the tradition of the democratic multiple, bypassing the gallery system to distribute artist multiples to a wider public at a reasonable cost, whilst, as Lucy Lippard said, “to see artists able to profit economically from broad communication rather than from the lack of it.” INITIATION aims to support artists not only economically, but also provides a platform to explore the art making possibilities on the letterpress, a medium unfamiliar to most every artist represented in the edition. The participating artists: Math Bass, Akina Cox, Ania Diakoff, Zackary Drucker, Lauren Davis Fisher, Eve Fowler, Anna Sew Hoy, Molly Larkey, Lauren Mackler, Dylan Mira, MPA, Taisha Paggett, Shauna Steinbach, A.L. Steiner, Julie Tolentino, Kimberly Varella, Erika Vogt, Suzanne Wright. Each print is available in an edition of 70, with 1-40 available as individual prints, 41-70 as a complete boxed set.
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