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Welcome to The Spill

For awhile now, Otherwild has been a space where we talk about stuff other than the products we sell.

Since it’s launch in 2012, Otherwild has always strived to be more than a retail space–a project that’s as much about community-building as it is about selling beautifully-designed goods.

That concept has taken shape in myriad of ways:

  • design studio (for clients + our own goods)
  • workshop space (crafts + herbalism)
  • community center (book clubs + food swaps)
  • events venue (comedy, dance + music)
  • ...and more!

We’ve always committed aspects of our business to social justice initiatives, mutual aid and raising funds for both grassroots and national organizations that we believe in, and creating grants for artists and makers.

In 2019, we expanded our offerings to include products that encourage low-waste use cycles, something we live and believe in to our core. We introduced our refill station as a further means to that end.

Over the years, we have worked to ensure that we are consistently updating, to upgrade our sustainability practices in the production and distribution chains.

Throughout, we’ve had the most wonderful collaborators and employees. Otherwild has thrived because of the collective creative spirit that we all have shared together. 

otherwild collective spirit

Many of these beautiful people have gone on to pursue their own dreams – such as magazine founder/creative director, artist, small business owner, herbalist, professor and more.

We are proud of what we’ve spent nearly a decade building…but have realized that for so many reasons, we’ve stopped sharing a lot of our core values and interests, becoming a space where we mainly sell objects and products. And to be honest, that is a huge part of why Otherwild is here.

We love and live with these products, and hope you find some that you love and will live with too. BUT–we want to return to sharing stories again. And that’s where The Spill comes in.  

Some things you can look forward to on The Spill:

  • playlists
  • recipes
  • vendor profiles
  • DIY projects
  • inspirations
  • tips
  • interviews
  • stories about our favorite orgs + activists 
  • ...so much more!

Thank you, in advance, for taking part! 

XO Otherwild

and a look back at some of our community-driven moments... 

otherwild la community event
otherwild la community talk
otherwild founder rachel berks
otherwild community talks
otherwild vendor


otherwild los angeles friends
otherwild reusable refill station
otherwild talks at los angeles store
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otherwild team crafts
otherwild team outdoor event
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otherwild gay love
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