October Mood Board 2022

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October Mood Board 2022

We're three quarters into the best month of the year and you better believe we have some tricks and treats for you, dear reader. Jump into the Spill for this month's mood board, curated by our Otherwild team and be not afraid of the thinning veil!


Squeeeegeee is a reexamination of all. A freeform art receptacle and adaptogenic studio/agency offering infinite creative services and ideas.
Squeeegeee makes items and markets them in intuitive and unstructured ways. Puncturing viewers with digital and physical experiences full of irreverence, elegance, play. 
Visual language processing and absurd narrative creation in brand campaigns, photography, engineered garments, product design and more. Ongoing experiments in curiosity.   
Squeeegeee creates handsome, off-kilter documentation, providing spectators with whimsical interpretations of phenomena within single points of space and time. 
Squeeegeee excites relationships and nurtures experiences in Los Angeles. Maintaining a unique cross cultural perspective and network with satellite offices in Marseille and Tokyo.  

To squeeegeee is to present.
To squeeegeee is to enhance.
To squeeegeee is to giggle.
To squeeegeee is to freak.

-Lauren L. / Otherwild Manager

Pearl - Mia Goth / Ti West
Really enjoyed watching Pearl in the theater to get into the Halloween spirit. Lots of costume inspo and beautiful film stills.

Also throw all your dollars at Roses In The Dark- A Strip show that exclusively features Black Queer dancers! @_roseinthedark_ 

-Salima  /  Otherwild Photographer 

Inside Killjoy's Kastle: Dykey Ghosts, Feminist Monsters, and other Lesbian Hauntings - Allyson Mitchell and Cait McKinney

One of the holiest/gayest experiences of my life was performing in Killjoy's Kastle in Plummer Park in 2015. I was a riot-ghoul in a torn mini skirt who roamed a haunted library with a giant prop copy of The Second Sex sneaking up on unsuspecting bystanders and moaning PROBLEMAAAATIC! It was spooky, campy and delirious.

Killjoy's Kastle is the queer antitode to the Evangelical hell houses that populate deeply conservative parts of the US seasonally. It's a roaming, immersive guided tour through psychedelic queer histories and performances that delight, arouse, provoke and terrify.  Inside Killjoy's Kastle, is available for purchase at Otherwild. 

-Lauren W. / Social Media + Store Associate