August Mood Board 2022

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August Mood Board 2022

Welcome back to the Spill! This August, we asked the Otherwild team to share something they were excited about and compiled a love letter to our favorite artists, makers and events below. We hope you find something that resonates, and if you do, share it with us on instatiktok or email.


DECAYDENCE  - A Solo Exhibition from Salima Allen

"From photographing objects for the web shop, to opening my very own solo show at Junior High, I am so grateful to Otherwild for giving me the opportunity to shoot for the store and expand on my photographic skills!"


Started by two queer parents in Los Angeles who wanted to connect with more queer parents and kids IRL, the Rainbow kids @join_the_rainbow_kids seek to bring joy and connection to all kids and families in LA! 

Since the formation of Rainbow Kids in January, they've held monthly workshops, meetups and themed events for queer kids, parents and allies all across LA. Everything from drag queen story hour to tie-dye workshops to dance classes with Pony Sweat (!!!) and park hangs with the Bob Baker Marionettes. Most of these events are outdoor, accessible and operate on sliding scale so all can join. We couldn't adore the Rainbow Kids more but their latest offering is particularly crucial to the well-being of the queer community and all families. 

They're organizing a FREE LEGAL CLINIC for queer families to learn and understand their rights and begin any necessary steps forward toward securing a safer, legally-recognized family structure in the eyes of the draconian US courts! 

The date and time are TBD but they have assembled a helpful resource guide and step-by-step instructions for families to prepare before they attend. Join their email list for weekly updates on this event and more.



FIRE OF LOVE -Sara Dosa / Neon Pictures / National Geographic

You've GOT TO see Fire of Love this Summer. A love story and nature documentary with dazzling up-close footage of volcanoes and the couple that explored them together until their deaths. I was floored by the footage and intrigued to read more about this natural phenomenon once I got home!

-Salima Allen / OW Photographer + store associate 

NOPE - Jordan Peele / Universal 

 Nope is the stuff of legendary Summer blockbusters. It's a feast for the eyes, shot across the truly alien landscape of Agua Dulce and northern Santa Clarita Valley and the jungle of Los Angeles. A genre-blend of sci-fi, horror and family drama that simultaneously explores Hollywood's legacy of Black Westerns. In turns terrifying and hilarious, grand and self-referential, it's full of Peele's divine plot twists and subversions. SO. MUCH. FUN. 

SARAHLAND - Sam Cohen / Grand Central Publishing 

Sam Cohen's debut novel is a collection of short stories exploring, to name a few themes, multiple selves, queerness, the Jewish diaspora, sex work, girlfriendship, sororities, fandom and twinning. Strung together by the ever-morphing narrator, aptly named, Sarah. This book felt like a mad chain letter between me and every brilliant queer friend I've ever had. I ate it up.

-Lauren White / OW Social Media + store associate 

Not Everyone is Going to Like You - Rinny Perkins / Penguin Random House 

A debut illustrated manifesto by Rinny Perkins (@RinnyRiot) about what she's learned as a queer Black woman through the art of self-validation. In this graphic collection of mini-essays, comedian Rinny Perkins illustrates her experiences as the owner of a popular online shop while she figures out antidepressant prescriptions and the seemingly never-ending dating-app cycle.

Rinny shares what she's learned across topics like mental health, work, sex and dating, and family and friends. Featuring funny, real reflections from experiences in her hometown of (Third Ward!) Houston, Texas to Los Angeles — the author traces her journey to understanding that whether through a friendship break-up or saving up for a Telfar bag, the only person who can truly validate us is ourselves.

With 1970s-inspired graphics like a "When To Quit Your Job" checklist and Microaggressions Bingo, Not Everyone's Going to Like You is a long DM of affirmations from Rinny to herself on how to get through life. Her advice? Stop ignoring your intuition, ignore perfection, and leave them on read. 
-Lauren L. / OW Manager