2021 Gift Guide

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2021 Gift Guide

Did the holidays sneak up on you, too? In some ways it feels like this year was the longest ever, and in others it went by in a flash. With the holidays just a week away, super hectic shipping times, and overwhelming online shopping options - we’ve made a gift guide to help you shop small, consume consciously, and find something for everyone on your list! 
No time to ship? Looking to avoid lines? If you're in LA we have in-store pick-up! Just place your order and select "store pick-up". We'll pack it up for you and you can swing by whenever it's convenient for you! All the ease of online shopping without shipping costs or delays :)

$25 and under
Stocking stuffers, a little something extra, a thoughtful gesture that saves you $.  

~ Baggu Bags $10-$16
Who couldn’t use a Baggu? Available in baby, standard, and big and SO many patterns, there’s something for every need. Plus, they’re machine washable, so you can just pop them in with your laundry if they need a refresh or if the hot sauce you threw in leaks. 

~ Socks! $15-$30
We don’t agree with the stereotype that socks are a disappointing gift. They’re an essential item that everyone wears, not to mention how much they add to an outfit. 
Venus de Willendorf Candle $20
A bestseller and a winner for anyone who loves candles. Modeled after a famous, 24,000-year-old statue, it’ll win you extra points with any art or history lovers in your life.

Radical Lovers Forever Mug $18
We all have at least one friend that collects mugs. Our Radical Lovers mug is more than a statement and cute design - 100% of proceeds go to the creation of Anotherwild Fund: a grant for QTPOC makers annually. 

Everyday Oil $14-$48
We love a small moisturizer as a gift - especially one as versatile as Everyday Oil. Available in 1oz for $14 and 2oz for $22, it’s a sweet little gift that goes a long way. We dig the original Mainstay blend, but there’s also an unscented option if you’re unsure of what smells the receiver is into.

Incense Matches $2
The perfect stocking stuffer! Lights like a match but burns and smells like incense. Available in 16 scents!
Swedish dishcloths $7
Another stocking stuffer or small gift that everyone could use! 1 cloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels and can be used to clean just about anything. Available in lots of patterns, too! Grab one or mix and match! (We also carry 4-packs for $24)

$50 and under

Boy smells $32-$106
One of our best sellers - we are constantly selling out of Boy Smells candles. Starting at $32 for their core collection and a huge range of smells, they’re a great gift for almost anyone. 
Earthen Single Studs $26-$45
We love these earrings. Choose from silver or gold in a a range of bar or stud sizes. Great on their own or grab a couple to mix and match. 
Fireplace Matches $30-$40
Have a candle/incense lover in your life but not sure what scents they like? These statement matches are a great option as an alternative. Beautiful and functional, the best kind of gift! 
~ 2022 Seasonal Produce Calendar $40
These calendars are SO GOOD! Not only are they gorgeous but we love the practicality! Eating seasonably is an often overlooked aspect of living more sustainably as well as a way of incorporating a variety of fruits and veg in our diets. It's also so helpful for making grocery lists and meal ideas! 
Herbal Bath Salts $30 
If they have a bathtub, then you just can’t go wrong with bath salts. These salts from Self Ceremony are available in 3 soothing blends. Plus, with enough for 3-4 baths, and coming in a beautiful glass jar that can be reused for candles or anything they like, it’s a gift that keeps on giving! 
Incense Burner $40
This beautiful incense burner set by Gravesco is a steal tbh. A beautiful and nice sized burner that comes with a matching matchstick (or incense) holder. 
Curvy hoops $30 
Super fun and unique earrings for any hoop wearers!

$100 and under

Chain Candlesticks $60-$66
These chain candlesticks from Boonies are everything. So cool and fits a range of decor styles. (They have a few other varieties as well) 
Painted Ceramic Vases $90-$200
We can’t get enough of these hand-painted vases by Jacuzzi Studio. Seemingly simple but so beautiful and a great statement piece for a table or room. 
Baby Bok Choy and Pearl Earrings $58
We dare you to find cuter earrings. Give em to the veggie lovers! 
Rose Quartz Crystal Gua Sha Comb $66
Something beautiful, thoughtful, and unique for those in your life who may need some more help unwinding. Also said to be beneficial for those who experience migraines! (Also available in clear quartz). 
Female Support System $58
Another best seller! Especially great as a joint holiday/housewarming gift!
Nesting Baskets Set $88
We love these multi-use nesting sets. They could be used for storage, decor, or as cute planters!

For the earth signs/home bodies
You know the type, you may even be one. For the Taurus who loves to get cuddly on the couch, the Capricorn who would revel in a silk eyemask, or anyone whose main hobby is being  cozy. 

A_DB Floral Botanically Dyed Silk Sleep Masks $38 
Quote from a real life Capricorn on including a sleep mask in this list “how can I close a deal if I am tired?” These silk, botanically dyed sleep masks by a_db sell quick to no one’s surprise with a floral pattern dyed from actual flowers. These are a beautiful and practical present - which is always appreciated.
Simple Rib Hat & Grid Simple Rib Hat $28
These beanies can’t stay in stock. They’re come in so many great colors, they’re so well made, so cozy, a great shape, and a great price. We’ve had so many folks buy one for themselves and then come back to get more for their friends. They’re the best beanies. 
~ Big Nudes Blankets - Zandra Jill & Cara $180
Cozy, beautiful, and designed by OW owner Rachel Berks and their sister Stefanie Boyd-Berks based on their mom’s ceramic work from the 1970s-1990s! (Check out the rest of the Big Nudes collection)
Arq $28-$72
We’ve had countless people come into the shop saying they can’t go back to traditional bras after not wearing them during lockdown. We deeply feel this. Arq has a cult IG following for good reason - comfortable, supportive, well-made, and beautiful. 
Stone Face Roller $40 
Stone face rollers - need we say more?  

For the cooks/foodies

Shaquanda's Hot Pepper Sauce $10-$14
Yes, the Shaquanda you saw on Hot Ones! Currently available in original, Mx. Green SassOooohmami
Speckled Rectangular Enamel Tray $26
A great gift for your friends who love to host! We love the look of these and they're incredibly versatile (cool to use from the campfire to the oven - just don't put it in the microwave!). They're a useful and unique addition to any kitchen!
Kombucha Vinegar $19
Available in Sencha or Jasmine, a unique vinegar is guaranteed to please home cooks or even for folks who like to make cocktails. 
Handmade Pot Holders $24
We love these little pot holders with 100% cotton exterior with wool felt lining for heat resistance. These tiny and super cute pot holders are great for pot lids and handles!
Sichuan Chili Crisp $17
You've got the Instagram ads - it's the put-it-on-everything chili crisp. Crafted in Chengdu, China, this is a must-have 
Diaspora Co. Spices $12-$13.50
Choose from 10 different high quality, single-origin, organic spices like Makhir Ginger, Whole Anamalai Nutmeg, and Pragati Turmeric. High quality spices make such a big difference in your meals, beverages, and bakes, making these a guaranteed loved give for your home-cook friends!