The Wing's NO MAN'S LAND - Issue 02

The Wing

The Wing's NO MAN'S LAND - Issue 02

A new magazine from The Wing, for women with something to say and nothing to prove.

Jessica Williams, photographed byCarlota Guerrero, talks to Mary H.K. Choi about carving out her own space in Hollywood.

Elizabeth Warren reveals why she got into politics and her weekend relaxation routine to Audrey Gelman.

Alison Roman creates three recipes for conjuring up good vibes to make your life better.

Mary Beard discusses the gnarly state of feminism with Moira Donegan.

Paloma Elsesser walks us through her nighttime routine.

Chelsea Manning explains her love of emojis to Caroline Sinders.

Marin Cogan guides us through the history of Lucille Roberts and women-only gyms.

Jamie Lauren Keiles takes us on a tour of sculptor Nevine Mahmoud’s studio.

Dayna Evans tracks down skateboarding legend Patti McGee.

Mona Chalabi gets real about how motherhood affects women’s bottom-lines.

Plus, all the books, pot-accoutrements, and fashion you need to get through the summer!