Thank You Rainbow Tote
Thank You Rainbow Tote

Lauren DiCioccio/Open Editions

Thank You Rainbow Tote

What fun is a reusable bag if you don't want to show it off?

The RAINBOW TOTE is machine-embroidered on white taffeta. The bags are sturdy and washable, intended for daily use.

The perfect THANK YOU gift, each tote in this series replaces the ubiquitous single-use plastic bags issued by convenience stores with a friendly reminder to reuse and recycle. 

Designed to commemorate San Francisco's historic legislation enacting the first plastic bag ban in the USA in 2007, this series now celebrates nationwide efforts to continue the 'ban on the bag'.


  • Made in San Francisco by Open-Editions
  • Machine-embroidered taffeta
  • Bag measures 11.5" x 22" x 4"
  • Developed in collaboration with Workshop Residence in 2012