Retrofloral Candles
Hi Wildflower

Retrofloral Candles

Made with love by Hi Wildflower.


Comes in a box made of recycled kraft paper.

100% U.S.-grown soy, cotton wick, glass jar. Burn responsibly.

Burn time: 65 hours

Burning River Blossoms is the very first candle created at Hi Wildflower Botanica. This fragrance is an ode to burning flowers in betel leaves as a prayer offering along India's holy rivers. Notes of burned petals, bonfire and honey compose this warm, inviting scent.

Palo Santo, a holy tree in South America, produces a beautiful warm and camphorous oil that recalls spiritual awakening and centering. Light this gorgeous blend of natural Palo Santo essential oil in a sandalwood fragrance oil base to bring that sense of calm and joy into any space.

 Intoxicating honeysuckle blooms summon the swelter of a New York City summer night. This candle is inspired by late night bar crawls, walks of no-shame and meditative strolls - all scented by the gorgeous honeysuckle that grows at our feet.

Beach Blossoms is a delicious blend of summertime flowers, suntan lotion, sea salt and a touch of amber. Burn after a long day lazing on the beach, to bring the scent of the ocean into your home.

 After hiking the Dipsea Trail in the Muir Woods, the rainfall on the ancient redwoods left their indelible impression. This candle is a spiritual walk among giants, including notes of redwood, spruce and forest moss.

 Dune Grass is a candle inspired by the coastal cliffs of Mt. Tamalpais in Northern California. Bright green notes blend gorgeously with sea spray, rosewater and lavender.