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Organic Tampons
Organic Tampons

Organic Tampons

Tampon Tribe
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You know you need organic tampons. You might as well save the planet each month too.

Oh, and keep your body happy. Super happy.

Certified organic cotton tampons, no toxins or chlorine bleaches. 100%-plastic free – who needs it?

Customizable selection that you can change each month. Pause, change or cancel at any time.


100% GOTS & ICEA sustainable organic cotton - absorbent core and cover
  • No SAPS, no hidden wadding, no nasty chemicals or materials
  • No glue - yay! We're vegan
  • No animal testing. Of course
  • We source our organic cotton from sustainable small-growth farmers
  • No residues of herbicides or pesticides. No toxins
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Viscose and perfume free
  • Chlorine and dioxin free
  • Absorbent core is wrapped with a special safety layer to prevent fibres remaining inside your body
  • Biodegradable Cardboard “Twist” Applicator with soft round end-tip
  • Plastic free