Natural Deodorant Stick

Silver Falls Sustainability Co.

Natural Deodorant Stick

By Silver Falls Sustainability Co. 

This all-natural, baking soda free deodorant is battle tested. We've gone hiking and jogging in the summer sun and come away smelling fresh. Even better, it comes packaged in a kraftboard tube, so there is ZERO PLASTIC!

  • Orange-Eucalyptus-Mint: With hints of citrus and mint, eucalyptus, a natural deodorant and antibacterial is the star of this stick. 
  • Lavender-Sage: Our most lightly scented stick, this has a more herbal, almost woodsy scent. 

Also, please note this is NOT an anti-perspirant. Anti-persiprants use aluminum salts to clog sweat glands. If you are switching from an anti-persiprant, it may take you a few days to detox. 

The net weight is 3.25 oz, which is more than most deodorants you will find in stores. You will need to apply this stick only enough to cover your armpit, do not over apply.