Mountain Sage + Pine Smudge Wand
Firme Arte

Mountain Sage + Pine Smudge Wand

7-8 inch pure magick Pine & Mountain Sage Smudge wand with instructions!

Sage is used for smudging and cleansing. Mountain Sage (salvia regla)
is native to the rocky wooded slopes of the Chisos Mountains. Pine has
also been burned to reverse spells and is very powerful in protection
magick. These can be used to cleanse & clear negative
energy in crystals/minerals/self/home/car/work space Rooms and psychic
tools, such as crystals and other objects that hold energy,
are often smudged/cleansed on a regular basis so always make sure to
smudge your crystals babes! Self/Room/House smudging is also a good
thing to do on a regular basis to maintain individual and domestic

Magickal Properties of this wand: