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Pattern Tea Towel

Chiarastella Cattana
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These linen tea towels are the result of a journey through a 40s archive discovered in an old weaver up in the Dolomites mountains, where natural and vernacular elements have been reinterpreted in these geometries.

A geometric is an abstract of non representational motifs, a shape that is not a picture of something of the real world. It is a vision of the mind which reduces objects to simple shapes: polygons, triangles, circles, lines. Suited perfectly to the weaving based on a system of interlacing warp and weft threads, the geometric designs were the first patterns used to embellish fabrics since the dawn of time.

Features a corner hanging tab.

Care: We suggest to use mild detergent, no bleach or softener. At the first washing, soak it in cold water for 5 mins and then wash it in washing machine max 40°C. Gently tumble dry. Pressed when still damp. With all cleaning methods allowances should be made for shrinkage of between 3-10%. Fabrics can fade if placed in direct sunlight.

Design and woven in Italy.

Measure: 46 x 67 cm (18” x 26″)

Fabric: jacquard woven 50% linen 50% cotton