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INITIATION - Kimberly Varella
INITIATION - Kimberly Varella


INITIATION - Kimberly Varella

Letterpress print created on 219 Vandercook on 100% cotton archival Crane's Lettra paper. 

9" x 12". 

Signed and numbered.

Edition of 70.


Jaye Fishel (Bullhorn Press) and Rachel Berks (Otherwild) initiated this project after the Bullhorn Press studio moved into the storefront occupied by Otherwild, a hybrid retail store and design studio in Los Angeles specializing in the handmade and design-driven. Fishel has made work using a letterpress since 2006, with the goal of creating affordable art in the tradition of the democratic multiple. Berks collaborates with numerous artists on the design of books and other printed matter. The pair’s shared interests and skills led them to invite Los Angeles-based artists to create print editions on the letterpress. The project aims, in part, to exploit, diversify and expand the art-making possibilities of the letterpress.