Ritual Menstruation Kit

Ritual Menstruation Kit

Holy Sponge! Ritual Kits are Menstruation Kits which offer bleedin' folks a gentle, nurturing, and intuitive alternative to bleached cotton tampons. Our bodies are made up of water and sponges once lived in the ocean waters, why wouldn't you use these spongey allies on your moon cycle?! They are reusable too. Each sponge lasts 3-6 cycles...good for the environment (think about the heaps of cotton tampons in landfills) and good for the pocketbook (think about the money spent each month on tampons). Sponges are also soft, absorbent, and hygienic.

Each kit includes:
+ Two sustainably-harvested sea sponges sourced by a female diver in Florida
+ Organic tea tree oil to disinfect the sponges with at the end of each cycle
+ A cotton bag to hold the sponges
+ Hand-picked white sage or lavender to use in bath or for smudging (sage)