Heart of the Forest Bathbomb
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Heart of the Forest Bathbomb

This herbal bathbomb is designed to provide the same medicine as a lovely walk in a pristine forest.

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, Himalayan sea salt, wild harvested Juniper infused olive oil, infusion of wild harvested Pine, and wild harvested Sassafrass, flower essence of Bristlecone pine, essential oil of Cedar.

Juniper - for cleansing purification and sweetness

Pine - facilitates clearing grief from the body, especially the chest.

Cedar - invites the ever watchful wisdom of the evergreens into your life.

Sassafrass - strengthens your intuition and connection to the Goddess, warming.

Bristlecone Pine - softens the experience of ego and identity, fortifies connection to source energy, promotes profound stillness and personal growth.