Harvest Shampoo + Conditioner Bars

Harvest Shampoo + Conditioner Bars

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Harvest Shampoo: Close your eyes and wax nostalgia every time you wash your hair with this limited edition seasonally-scented Harvest Shampoo Bar, where every deep breath is a journey through time. A crisp cool breeze blows through the trees, showering the ground below with feathery flakes of autumnal gold, while you watch the scene of the beautiful changes of harvest season unfold before you while you sit inside the warm embrace of the family fireplace. Surround yourself once again by the savory smells of mom’s merry delights with sugar and spice with the pleasant scent of Cinnamon and Cloves that are sure to awaken your holiday spirit, while the rich redolence of sweet creamy Vanilla and warm Nutmeg serves up a soothing shot of serenity for your soul.

Handmade and formulated from an vitamin-rich blend of all-natural fruit and plant oils teeming with antioxidants, nutrients, and essential oils, the Harvest Shampoo Bar lathers effortlessly to leave your scalp feeling refreshed and cleansed while adding a silky, healthy shine to your merry mane!

Lemon Peel & Lemon Juice actively cleans your hair and pores, gently stripping away residue buildup from styling products and hard water, while a motley mixture of Abyssinian, Hemp, and Jojoba Oils provide a plethora of essential vitamins and omega fatty acids that repair dry or damaged hair to restore its natural shine. The moisturizing qualities of Rapeseed & Apricot Seed Oils hydrate skin and hair strands for fuller, more voluminous locks. Finally, the dynamic sun-defense duo of Cranberry Seed Powder & Red Raspberry Seed Oil provide a botanical sun-blocking protection that shields against the damaging effects of harmful ultra-violet rays.

  • Large bars have a few added ingredients that help with dandruff, dry scalp, dry hair, and may help prolong color on those who dye their hair!
  • Hemp Seed Oil promotes full, thick, healthy strands, and helps prevent hair loss.
  • Jojoba oil helps prevent dandruff, breakage, and has anti-bacterial properties to keep your scalp healthy and clean
  • Abyssinian oil protects against irritants, contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E!
  • Perfect for all hair types, including colored hair.
  • Silicone free, paraben free, and no fillers or preservatives!
  • Vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, plastic free packaging, zero waste, and greywater safe.
  • Each 3.5oz bar is equivalent to 2-3 16oz bottles of liquid shampoo
  • Handmade in the USA

How to use: Simply hand lather and shampoo hair or massage bar directly to hair and scalp; rinse and follow with conditioning bar. Each large bar will last around 75+ washes (may vary!). Store out of water stream on a dry soap dish.

Ingredients: sodium coco sulfate, lemon juice, powdered lemon peel, cocoa butter, coconut oil, essential oil blend of cinnamon, vanilla, clove, and nutmeg, apricot seed oil, hemp seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, pro vitamin b complex, rapeseed oil, jojoba oil, abyssinian oil, flowers, plant seeds, and/or clay powders for coloring.

Harvest Conditioner: Whether it’s the energizing jolt to your spirits with every breath of the crisp cool evening, the cornucopia of vibrant hues painted across the timber landscape, or the unmistakable scent of burning leaves steadily lingering in the harvest air…there is something enchanting about Autumn! Our zero waste Harvest Conditioner Bar encapsulates the magic of fall with the invigorating aroma of the sugar & spice with Cinnamon and Clove elements that are beautifully balanced against a rich, creamy backdrop of soft, soothing Vanilla to conjure all the warm holiday emotions that Autumn evokes. Handmade and formulated as the perfect complement to our Harvest Shampoo Bar for nutrient-rich fusion of essential oils, minerals, and vitamins actively revitalize, strengthen, and soften your strands, leaving you with relaxed & light, tangle-free locks that feel as clean & clear as the brisk autumn air.

  • Perfect for all hair types, including colored hair
  • SLS free, silicone free, paraben free, and no fillers or preservatives!
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Each 1.7oz bar will last 50+ washes, if kept dry (may vary!)
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Palm oil free
  • Plastic free packaging
  • Color Safe
  • Zero Waste
  • Greywater safe
  • Great for traveling

How to use: Using our all-natural conditioner bar will be a new experience and a refreshing change from heavy bottled conditioners that can leave hair weighed down. For best results, use a generous amount of our light, clean rinsing formula, and leave it on 2-5 minutes, focusing on the ends. Your hair will be soft and tangle-free!

Ingredients: rapeseed oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, glycerin, olive oil, essential oil blend, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E., clay powder, seed powder, and/or dried flower powder for coloring