Happy Place Conditioner
Happy Place Conditioner
Happy Place Conditioner

Happy Place

Happy Place Conditioner

Vegan, earth friendly, sulfate + paraben free, handmade in Brooklyn!

How to useafter shampooing, apply evenly to hair.  let sit for desired time and rinse.

A daily conditioner, used to maintain healthy scalp and hair health. Light enough to use daily, and contains the essential oil of lemon, beneficial for lifting mood and reducing anxiety. Lemon oil is also a powerful anti-microbial/anti-bacterial which makes it great for helping with the problems of dandruff and oily scalp. Coriander is a main ingredient, known to fight fatigue and anxiety while reducing the build up on the scalp. Coriander is full of vitamins that nourish your hair and skin, promoting healthy hair growth. You’ll also find eucalyptus leaves scattered throughout the conditioner. Not only do these leaves help to gently exfoliate your scalp, the scent will cool and invigorate!

Gypsum Satin:
A deep conditioner, used to strengthen hair and encourage healthy growth while healing the scalp and smoothing frizz. Contains cedarwood, a self-esteem improving, relaxing aromatherapeutic that increases circulation and moisture to the scalp and stimulates hair follicles. Gypsum satin also contains rosemary, a mental stimulant known to improve memory, strengthen hair, and promote fast hair growth. Lavender flowers introduce calming notes and help grow hair thicker and faster. 

A conditioner for all types of curly and wavy hair.  From afro texture to fine waves, this conditioner is used to protect and smooth porous hair while keeping the texture light and bouncy. Scoria is packed with avocado, sweet almond and jojoba oils (to name a few). These oils are known to nourish and define natural texture.  Ylang ylang is a main note, a invigorating yet relaxing oil, with aphrodisiacal properties.  Ylang ylang will help to nourish, smooth and moisturize.  the essential oil of hops, a unique and earthy note, is also used to improve the shine and strength of your strands.