Geode: "Crack Me Open Baby, Sparkles Await You"

Chaparral Studio

Geode: "Crack Me Open Baby, Sparkles Await You"

Inside of this enticing hand stamped drawstring cotton pouch is a rock that at first glance appears plain and boring. crack the rock open with a hammer and the inside of the rock is revealed... sparkles galore! who knew such a plain package would have such a gorgeous interior...

cotton pouch measures 3x5" / rock measures roughly 1.5" - 2"

We recommend a heavy duty standard hammer and a strong arm on a surface that can take a little beating. one good strong WHACK! is better than a couple tiny knocks. but we strongly urge you to use caution and BE SAFE! make sure you, others or other objects are not at risk of being hit by the hammer or rocks! this is A LOT of fun. and even more fun when everyone is being safe!