Face Toner Bulk Pre-fills
Face Toner Bulk Pre-fills

Face Toner Bulk Pre-fills

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Our plastic-free refills are now available for curbside pickup and shipping. Our bath + body, zero-waste toners are packed by our staff in metal containers, unless otherwise noted.

Rose Hydrosol Toner Our organic rose hydrosol has a rich and heady aroma reminiscent of lush blooms opening in the early summer to uplift your senses.

Some of our favorite uses for this luxurious spray are in face masks, as an indulgent body spray, or added to a soothing bath. Rose hydrosol is great for all skin types and is especially favored as a toner by those with sensitive or mature skin.

Our rose hydrosol is expertly crafted by a distiller from handpicked petals of Rosa damascena using water-steam distillation. Suitable for cosmetic use.

Witch hazel extract is a wonderful ingredient for use in cosmetic and medicinal preparations. It is gentle enough to be used alone, or it may be combined with other ingredients or herbs. 

Our witch hazel extract has been double distilled, and contains 86% witch hazel extract and only 14% alcohol. This makes it more soothing than the version found in your local store, and lacks the alcohol sting and scent. This extract is distilled from the twigs and bark of the witch hazel tree.

Extraction Method: Double distillation with water and organic cane alcohol.
Intended Use: Cosmetic use only
Ingredients: Organic witch hazel extract and organic alcohol.
pH: 3.0-5.0