Boobs Poster

Boobs Poster

"Poster of a gouache painting of boobs. This print is LARGE and a new painting, different from the original Boobs print (available in smaller size as a giclée print). Limited run. 18" x 24"

From the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah Book:

Boobs / ציצעס / TSI-tses

Reach out and touch (consensually) someone’s boobs. Admire lovingly your boobs.’s a funny word. 

Maybe you need to embrace the hairs on your boobs. Maybe you don’t want to admit it but you don’t like those hairs and want to remove them, but the feminist in your head keeps screaming in your ear every time you reach for the tweezers. It’s okay. Hair on boobs is good. No hair on boobs is good too. 

Just relax about boobs. 

Sagging boobs are beautiful. Newly fashioned boobs are beautiful. The scars where boobs used to be are beautiful. 

Boobs are squishy, they’re fun. Babies feed from boobs. Allow yourself to embrace—literally and figuratively—all boobs. Boobs of all sizes and ages. Your lover’s boobs & your boobs."