Marlee Grace


"A Sacred Shift is a book I wrote cataloging the first year of my project Personal Practice, where I publicly document dancing every single day 

So many tiny and giant shifts happened in my life during the past year - and Personal Practice documented every day of it - I always shared full truths but in many ways was vague - and felt drawn to make a catalogue of sorts sharing every place, song, feeling, change, collaborator, and shift.

It's also a call to transition the project from the computer screen to something you can hold in your hands, read to a friend, send to a lover, set under your nightstand and save for later.

I had become accustomed to using Instagram as a mode to share my work at my business Have Company, and felt like a feed dedicated to only dancing would be helpful in staying accountable to myself - and it seemed the only way to really make the shift into "dancing more" was to commit to doing it every single day - even on the days I was so tired, grieving, traveling, missing, lonely, or just didn't feel inspired or "called" to move"

-Marlee Grace 

288 Pages, Self Published