10/31: Halloween Ritual for Transgenerational Healing


10/31: Halloween Ritual for Transgenerational Healing

Throughout the world, from the Samhain rituals of the Celts to the Mexican traditions surrounding Día de los Muertos, the end of October is the time of year we celebrate the dead and honor our ancestors. But what if there's trauma in your family lineage? How do you you honor your ancestors if they caused harm or were wounded themselves? In a culture rooted in so much trauma both politically and within the family, addressing our ancestors can be a complicated and messy endeavor.  Join Amanda Yates Garcia on Wednesday, October 31st for a special Halloween event at OW LA from 7-9pm.
In this workshop we will create a safe container for empowering ourselves to address the stories that have been passed down through our family lineages: the beliefs, habits, patterns, behaviors, stories and judgements of our ancestors that still affect us today and which we're ready to transform. Whether it's through our birth family or otherwise, our work will be to release karmic bondage while honoring the experiences of our ancestors and/or recognizing the mistakes they may have made. 
The choices our ancestors made, or the circumstances they were forced to endure, affect the way we relate to one another and our world, they affect our ability to sustain relationships, support ourselves, and flourish creatively. Participate in this workshop if you would like to heal these ancient wounds through personal ceremony, political action, and in solidarity with one another. 
Amanda Yates Garcia, the Oracle of Los Angeles, is a healer, writer, reiki master and witch based in West Adams. She has performed ceremonies at many institutions throughout Los Angeles including LACMA, MOCA, the Hammer and the Getty, and has been a guest lecturer on ceremony and ritual at UCLA, Cal State Pomona, and UC Irvine. Her work has been featured in the LA Times, the Huffington Post, KPFK, Salon, Time Out, Fox, the LA Weekly and many other publications. Her book, “Initiated,” comes out in fall of 2019 with Grand Central / Hachette book group.