10/21: Energetic Wellness 101


10/21: Energetic Wellness 101

Join holistic wellness and Reiki practitioner Rochelle Jamila at OW NY for an introductory workshop on the basics of energetic healing for yourself and your loved ones. On Sunday, October 21 from 6-8pm, we will learn simple techniques for balancing the body’s energy centers or chakras, grounding to the Earth, clearing your aura, and utilizing crystals for healing purposes. If you tend to feel off balance, anxious,  disconnected from your body energy healing can bring your body and spirit back into alignment.

Rochelle Jamila is a Reiki practitioner, dancer, and educator based in
Brooklyn. She discovered energy healing two years ago as a means of
healing her own trauma and imbalance alongside other holistic wellness
practices. Rochelle is now passionate about making energy healing
accessible to all. She views holistic self-care as a radical practice
towards a healing future.