10/24: Kitchen Folk Magic


10/24: Kitchen Folk Magic

Join Chef Meagan Simone in honor of the wisdom and ways of our ancestors who toiled to protect and provide through the land at OW LA Wednesday, October 24th from 5:30-7pm.

We will study their use of natural plants as a form of resistance and explore:

-The importance of ritual and spirituality in daily life

-The practicality of casting spells with plants

-Making use of what you have, to create what you desire

-Allowing nature to do its work; Moon Phases, Elements, and Astrology

-Useful Herbs, Spices, and Dried Goods to keep on hand

-Natural Magical Pesticide Concoctions

-Properly processing herbs for medicinal magic

-Tea as meditation

To our ancestors, everything in life was seen as magic, and as such, things were always subject to being cursed or blessed by the spirit world. Prayers, songs, and incantations were used to protect many things, like homes and gardens and even personal belongings.

Do you have dried goods, herbs or spices that have been sitting in the pantry or cupboard for some time? You know, those neatly labeled jars, or the little clear bags with twist ties? Yeah, let’s speak life into them again, and put them to good use.