03/24: Oracle Deck Readings with Rebekah Erev

03/24: Oracle Deck Readings with Rebekah Erev

Saturday March 24th, 4-7pm

$35 / 25 minute reading 

Moon Angel Oracle Card Readings:

Rebekah Erev is the creator of the Moon Angels Oracle Deck, an intuitive, creative tool they use to support you in being your most fully realized self. As an artist intuitive, their framework is seeing: seeing creative energy and potential. Rebekah guides you to feel into what’s most present in the moment, supporting you to release what’s no longer needed and cheering on the liberation of your authentic self that’s aching to be shown to the world.

Ultimately what’s most important is what resonates in your bones, what gives you a sense of self-determination. Readings simply respond to what is present. There is a recognition in your body when something feels “right.” It’s not an emotional response, although emotions may attach themselves to it as it integrates. Rebekah listens, coaches and helps you discover this for yourself- your own wisdom.

Come receive an intuitive reading to give you insight and courage for the manifestation of a small or large project, a budding or big dream!



Rebekah Erev is a queer, Jewish, feminist artist and ordained kohenet, Hebrew priestess. Erev self-published the Moon Angels / Malakh Halevanah Oracle Deck and co-founded a two-year collective art school, DIY Art School. Erev makes objects and creates public ritual as performance / ceremony invoking the scholarship of re-remembering as relevant, immediate and anti-colonialist. They have performed and shown their work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. They are currently working on a film, Queer Mikveh, a Jewish ritual of transformation and water immersion. To learn more visit: rebekaherevstudio.com