-01NYC Camamu Beautiful Baby Shampoo

-01NYC Camamu Beautiful Baby Shampoo

Oh sweetness! This bar of baby shampoo is made specially for beautiful babies with all their tender vulnerability. To make this shampoo we make gentle teas of organic calendula and heart's ease (wild viola) which are added to a blend of food-grade plant oils that nourish and soothe scalp and hair while gently cleansing. Heart's ease is specific for healing cradle cap while calendula provides bounteous skin care and healing. Scented only with soothing lavender essential oil, our baby shampoo is free of chemicals, additives and fragrances and never comes in contact with plastics.
This absolutely pure and natural shampoo can be rubbed between the bathee's hands and then gently rubbed onto the baby's head. Like any shampoo, it
should always be kept out of the eyes.
Made from: olive, coconut, castor, hemp seed, apricot kernel, shea butter,
avocado and rose hip seed oils; infusions of organic calendula and heart's ease;
lavender essential oil.