Anotherwild Fund will be a grant for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) who are LGBTQIA and work within the following disciplines: retail/store curation; herbalism; natural/ethical personal care products; candle-making, perfumery, incense; apparel & accessory design; textile design; ceramics; lo/zero waste goods; tarot and occult.

Otherwild is excited to launch a new design (t-shirt, tote bag + mug) that will benefit the creation of Anotherwild Fund. With the sales of this design, we will award BIPOC LGBTQIA independent makers annually with the proceeds from the sale of the designs.

please apply for a grant here!

We honor and persist to push this moment of transition and resistance forward, to create lasting systems of support, recognition and mutual aid, and in conscious opposition to exploitation, erasure and competition. We have learned so much, and continue with you on that journey.

Power to the people, in solidarity,