About Otherwild General

Queerness offers other possibilities, other ways to live.
Queer aliveness is joy and medicine.

- Dori Midnight

As a queer-owned business, Otherwild centers ethics at the core of our business and mission. This has taken various shapes and forms throughout the years:

  • supporting artists and designers with shared values and concerns at the core of their practice

  • dedication to fair wages and labor practices

  • researching/changing/ensuring that exploitation and destruction do not define our chain of production

  • eliminating products that employ a majority of single-use plastics in their design

  • carrying products that are made with care and awareness of their impact and design

OW has not always centered this discussion within the public sphere, but it has always been essential to us. We are interested in disseminating products that consider forms of life and living on beautiful planet Earth, and are made with care by individuals.

We have always been interested in seeing, formulating or breaking ubiquitous patterns, as humans create crises of climate chaos and environmental devastation. We are taking the current moment to begin to openly address these issues, in our own small-business way, as we now announce our new project ---->

Otherwild General is a small general store within our LA store, which will carry non-disposable, lo/zero-waste and upcycled product options. We look at our world of production, consumption, convenience and single-use disposability, and feel an urgent need to evolve a new acculturation. Through OW General, we begin to offer a variety of products to encourage and assist in transforming or eliminating products and cycles which have negative-impact end games. We all share in the need for options and help in minimizing or eliminating wasteful, toxic and destructive products and patterns.

OW General’s offerings will include an array of practical and well-designed products, such as reusable water bottles, straws, utensils + bags, refillable herb blends for tea + smoke, and an array of refillable home, body and bath products. OW General will also showcase artists and designers whose work with apparel + housewares + accessories engage with repurposed, upcycled, deadstock and recycled materials and textiles.

Otherwild is, and will continue to be, an extension of this mission of care -- through community building, queer culture, awareness, consciousness-sharing and stewardship.