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Bunch Magazine
Bunch Magazine


Bunch Magazine

BUNCH is a limited print publication that highlights top influencers across creative communities. The aim is to cultivate a like-minded collective through interviews, photographs, film and BUNCH sponsored events that are both inspirational and motivational to the reader. 


Issue 1: School Daze

Remember how excited you were when you got your school yearbook? It represented a snapshot of your life, underscored the happenings that mattered most to you, and let you know who the big wo/men on campus were. BUNCH feels a lot like that.

From the boroughs of New York City to the ‘burbs of LA, we’ve been scouring the streets finding people in creative industries. We’re giving our readers front row access to the people who are producing the coolest projects around.



Issue 2: Revival

As we sat to develop this issue, we were inspired by the ideas of reflection and renewal. Those thoughts translated to our current theme--the Revival Issue. Revival is quite literally about breathing new life and consciousness into an entity; an ethos that the people featured in these pages have adopted and manifested through their work.

Featuring original work by artist Kurisutein Takagi, cover art by Jena Malone, Jeff Laub of Blind Barber, Momofuku chef Christina Tosi, and model/filmmaker Nana Ghana, and many more.