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Pansy is an organic cotton underwear company. Born from a need for comfy dreamy ethical undies, their organic cotton is grown and milled domestically and their underwear are designed and sewn locally. Made in California since 2013.


Not so long ago in the summer of 2012, Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry were driving from San Francisco to Santa Barbara for dinner with Rachel's parents and got to talking.

They had both been dreaming of the ideal underwear: minimal, sturdy, beautiful, locally-made underwear you can feel good wearing. They spent the next few hours of their drive imagining making the perfect underwear.
It would be made entirely of organically grown natural fibers and sewn in California without a sweatshop in sight. It would be dyed without the use of toxins and made with lots and lots of love.
Six years later we make Pansy the same way we did the day we started. We are producing a lot more pieces with a little bit of help.
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