Jules Gimbrone's WREST is sold as an LP and/or digital download with a limited edition poster from one of the WREST videos. Original album art by Eric Veit. Poster art by nov Acosta, A.K. Burns, Jules Gimbrone, Elliot Montague, Lydia Okrent, Elizabeth Orr & Emma Hedditch, Em Rooney, Nica Ross & Savannah Knoop, Lauryn Siegel, or Mariana Valencia. 

WREST is a collision; a dueling violent negotiation of form, theme, and texture. Starting in May of 2010, WREST was a performance project, a locus for intermedia exploration and is now a visual album of music and video. Over the last two years composer and intermedia artist, Jules Gimbrone, has cultivated a place for collaboration and cross-medium exchange with filmmakers, dancers, and artists. Centering around Gimbrone’s 7-piece electroacoustic ensemble, WREST depicts moments of imperative change housed within the queer body. Gimbrone’s ensemble creates a symphonic landscape through a dramatic mash of polyrhythm, grand melodic gestures, abrasive sound textures, and primordial vocalizations to be explored through a variety of vantages. 

Jules Gimbrone’s album WREST, is also a collection of videos.  Ten different New York based artists created videos for each of the WREST songs. In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the WREST project, these videos showcase diverse interpretations by artists who work in a variety of mediums. Each of these videos were also made into a poster which is included in the LP.