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Mikki Yamashiro is a self-taught artist, performer and professional wrestler based in LA. She is a Libra, and thus contrary by nature. Her work is influenced by pop culture and craft.  This combination can be seen in her early work in the punk/experimental band, The Merdivorators. Based in San Diego and later San Francisco, these shows were a practice in combining mediums, creating interactive installations and recreating tropes of after school specials and sitcoms. Upon moving  to New York, Mikki became one-fourth of the JUDY collective, curating and creating queer, multimedia nightlife events. In 2011, JUDY was awarded the FUN Fellowship in the Social Practice of Nightlife by the Museum of Art and Design(MAD). Currently, Mikki is performing as Professional Wrestler, Candy Pain. Mikki has had work shown at, and/or performed at MIX Festival 2007(NYC), Art Basel 2008(Miami), Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch 2008(Berlin), Brooklyn is Burning 2009(Brooklyn), the Queer Conscience Festival 2010(Brooklyn), Killjoy’s Castle 2015(LA), the Queer Biennial II 2016(LA), and the Hammer Museum’s In Real Life:Studio 2017(LA), Human Resources 2018(LA). In 2012, Mikki’s Let’s Dance was 1 of 35 projects chosen for Dlectricity. Since moving to LA, Mikki has appeared in her first feature film, A Wonderful Cloud, as well as multiple music videos.


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