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03/15 Tarot readings with Sanyu Estelle


03/15 Tarot readings with Sanyu Estelle

Sunday March 15th, 1-5 PM

Sanyu Estelle is a Claircognizant ("Clear knowing"), Soothsaying ("Truth telling") Witch ("To be strong" or "To be lively"). She is also known as The Word Witch for the aforementioned reasons and uses Tarot, Taoism, Oracle Cards, Playing Cards, Channeling, Ifa, Speaking, Ancestors, Singing and Writing to tell you exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it in the way that is going to be most beneficial to you while keeping it real—always—with a sense of humor. We can cry too, don't worry, but we will be laughing at ourselves and our circumstances to the best we are able.

Her goal is to put herself out of a job by helping you come to terms with the fact that your existence is very much in alignment with All That Is, that you should embrace your perspective, and that there are actually no problems, only challenges. Readings with her are an all encompassing experience that emerges you in her state of being and allows you to tune your frequency while she soothsays to you in a manner that is often experienced by her clients as a semi-trance state.

Sanyu’s readings assist you with perspective. They show and affirm the "lay of the land" that is your life at the moment. She may use tarot and oracle cards, and direct soothsaying guidance to help facilitate a decisive, supportive and highly informative reading so that you can become a better decision maker who is more informed about your overall existence.

Her readings DO NOT facilitate dependency and such inclinations will never be encouraged by her! She has various spreads that she will use based on your concern or question and her own discretion. You will hear her talking at you and giving you a lot of information and you will not pick up on or remember everything; which is why she welcomes you to record your reading on your phone and/or take photographs of your cards or whatever tools were used during the course of your reading. 

Please show up with a question or an openness to be read and do not wear black or red or darker pigments if you can help it. 
$40/ 25 minute readings.
Tarot readings can not be rescheduled or refunded if you are late or miss your time slot without a 48 hour cancellation notice.