12/09 New Moon Holiday Soundbath w/ Taleen Kali


12/09 New Moon Holiday Soundbath w/ Taleen Kali

Let’s RETUNE and EXPAND with Pure Tone Sounds!
The healing effects of singing bowls are an amazing addition to a punk yoga & meditation practice

Join us Sunday December 9th at 7pm as we celebrate the HOLIDAY NEW MOON and set intentions for the season! Using the power of sound and a guided meditation, we'll relax, restore, and “retune” ourselves into balance amidst the holiday bustle. Sound also guides us in expanding our neural pathways and clearing our slate, allowing creative insights to spark through! Join us in a guided meditation journey and sound healing experience, with crystal singing bowls played by musician, punk rock yogi, and sound practitioner Taleen Kali.

What should I bring to the workshop?
Bring your own yoga mat and layered clothing (might get chilly toward the end)!

What will the PURE TONES SOUNDBATH be like?

In this workshop, we celebrate our relationship to self-care by connecting with sound as a tool, and support system, for meditation and gentle movement, in order to find balance and “retuning.”

With the power of rituals, storytelling, punk rock ethos, crystal work, and meditation, we’ll integrate our intentions as a community en masse. A self-care kit containing a crystal, a punk pin, and more surprises will be provided to set and share intentions.


– Introductions

Information about sound

– Sound healing
Opening meditation
Sound immersion
Extended savasana

– Light writing work and sharing, writing materials provided


– Stress relief and relaxation
– Calming of the mind and creative insights as an effect of sound and meditation
– Body awareness, community connection, renewal 
– Tools for creating a deeper connection with self-care and balance