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Yoni Duster

Fat & The Moon

Yoni Duster

Ladies, if you have issues with yeast infections or any other unwanted bacterial parties cropping up on your home turf, or if you just want a great moisture absorber this Yoni Duster is gentle and effective. Using powdered antimicrobial herbs such as black walnut hulls and goldenseal along with moisture absorbing white clay, this duster makes a great alternative to perfume and chemical laden products that can make bacterial situations worse. 

You can use a doubled over, cheese cloth square with a rubber band on top of the open jar to apply the powder shaker style. I suggest you use a makeup brush- designated for the Yoni Duster alone- to apply, washing the brush between uses. Using the brush method, less powder go to waste and you can be more precise in your application.

Yoni Duster will last a good long while as long as it stays dry.

Ingredients:  white clay, arrowroot starch*, black walnut hull powder*, myrrh powder*, goldenseal powder*, tea tree essential oil* / *organic