Angelica Syrup - Immune + Circulatory Tonic

Angelica Syrup - Immune + Circulatory Tonic

Olamina Botanicals
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Made from fresh, organic Angelica archangelica root, Olamina Botanicals’ Angelica Syrup is a sweet, simple, slightly bitter remedy meant to bring relief to the respiratory tract and help address the discomfort that follows those rich holiday meals.

Angelica is a stimulating, oily, pungent, carminative root that has been used as a respiratory, digestive and circulatory tonic for ages. The volatile oils in this plant are diaphoretic, meaning they help to induce sweating, lowering fever, and expectorant, meaning they break up phlegm in the lungs. Take by the teaspoon for respiratory complaints and to get that circulation flowing.

Ingredients: water, Angelica root*, cane sugar*


As a bonus, this one is delicious in an array of culinary delights:

☀︎︎ Try it with seltzer for a fun herbal soda
☀︎︎ Layer on vanilla ice cream
☀︎︎ Fold a bit into your coconut milk, banana and cacao nib-accented oatmeal and steel cut oats
☀︎︎ Maple syrup on pancakes? Why bother when you have our angelica syrup?
☀︎︎ Drizzle over a slice of poundcake or something creamy like cheescake or rice pudding
☀︎︎ Splash in a mug of gingery, warm nut milk

Not suitable for those who may be pregnant

None of the information contained herein is intended to diagnose or treat an illness. The author is not a doctor and this is not medical advice