Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck
Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck

Marcella Kroll

Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck

Created with the highest intentions, SACRED SYMBOLS is designed for those seeking clarity and daily guidance through divination.

This is a complete revision of the SACRED SYMBOLS ORACLE DECK. All of the art has been redrawn and the guidebook has received an update too. The deck now has a matte finish, features 50 cards, and can serve as a support for personal meditation and as a path to the Magic of Ancient Symbols.

Some symbols are no longer in this collection, but there are some new ones. SACRED SYMBOLS bridges modern art and ancient knowledge together in a whole new way for those interested in exploring their own evolution, personal growth, and expansion of self on the physical, energetic, and spiritual planes. Each deck is energetically and personally, charged and anointed by the artist on the New or Full Moon before it is shipped out. 

* Please take note these cards are not mass produced, and during small runs may have very slight differences in color. This first pressing of the 3rd Edition also has an error in the guidebook, which was a total accident. However, the correction is included as an insert that can fit in your guidebook and box.