The Future is Female T-shirt KIDS + BABY sizes
Photo by Skye Parrot
The Future is Female T-shirt KIDS + BABY sizes
The Future is Female T-shirt KIDS + BABY sizes

The Future is Female T-shirt KIDS + BABY sizes

25% of proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood.

Made in the USA

The original “The Future Is Female” T-shirt design was made for Labyris Books, the first women’s bookstore in New York City, which was opened in 1972 by Jane Lurie and Marizel Rios. The photographer Liza Cowan took a picture of musician Alix Dobkin, her girlfriend at the time, wearing it in 1975. The photograph was done for a slide show she was working on called: "What the Well Dressed Dyke Will Wear." 

This slogan has lasted through the decades and is reemerging as an empowering statement for all, as female-identified bodies and rights remain under attack. Inflexibile and compulsory sexual and gender binaries are used to oppress and deny people their humanity and agency. Otherwild believes in an inclusive, expanded and fluid notion of gender expression, identities and feminisms. We support liberation, embrace our trans sisters, and call for the end of patriarchal ideology, domination, oppression and violence. We believe that “The Future is Female” is the past, the present and the future, and is language that resonates.

Otherwild remade this amazing tee (now sweatshirt), after discovering it on 

25% of sale proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood.

Available in White + Navy Text or Black + White Text. 

Photos by Skye Parrot + Liza Cowan