10/22: Spellcrafting with Lyndsey Harrington (NYC)
10/22: Spellcrafting with Lyndsey Harrington (NYC)
10/22: Spellcrafting with Lyndsey Harrington (NYC)

10/22: Spellcrafting with Lyndsey Harrington (NYC)

10/22, 3pm-6pm

* please note this workshop will take place in Brooklyn (475 Kent Ave in S. Williamsburg)

To craft a spell is to be reminded of our harmony with nature; to trust in the notion that our thoughts, words, and actions ripple into the world around us, and to choose, with care, the intention we would like for that world to hear.  In this introductory workshop, we will cover both the practical and theoretical aspects of spellcrafting (in the Modern Wiccan style), including, but not limited to:

  • how spells work

  • working with incantations

  • creating a spell vs following a spell

  • the functions of an altar

  • incorporating astrology

  • magical tools

  • solitary vs group spells

  • what to do when your spell isn’t working

  • spellcrafting responsibly

Please bring a notebook and pen, as well as any sacred objects you'd like to lend to our communal altar for the evening.


Lyndsey Harrington is a healer, educator, and seasoned witch. She started down her magical path at age fifteen when she was taken under the wing of a medicine woman, who ignited within her a love for the ancient crafts. Through her experience both solitary and in groups since then, she has discovered many ways in which spells and other earth-based magical practices can be conduit for deep healing and growth. She has studied with luminaries from various lineages, including Starhawk, Susun Weed, and Barbara Carrellas. In 2012, she co-created Moon Church, an international collective for magically-inclined women, and in 2016 she became a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. She currently lives in Woodstock, NY, with her black cat, Poppyseed.