Herbal Consultations with Weedeater
Herbal Consultations with Weedeater
Herbal Consultations with Weedeater

Herbal Consultations with Weedeater

Herbal Consultations by Weedeater

Otherwild LA, Feb. 7th-9th.

*Cancellations less than 24 hours will receive only 50% of cost back.

~plants and mushrooms are wild helpers of your vitality~

Plants and mushrooms are wild helpers of your vitality. This herbal consultation will
help you build a stronger relationship with these plants so you can support your
body’s health, your mental ease and your soul’s journey. Herbal consultations last 1 hour. An intake form must be completed and sent in before scheduled appointment (please email Otherwild@gmail.com with the subject "Herbal Consultation Intake Form" to receive this form). A comprehensive set of plant medicine recommendations, movement and ritual will be sent to you via e-mail the following day.

Nance has trained for 25 years in Western and Native American Herbalism, is a
Wilderness First Responder as well as Reiki Master. She forages and cultivates plants
and mushrooms for her own Weedeater herbal apothecary in her home in the Great
Lakes region.


“I came to Nance at the tail end of several infections with no energy and emotionally wrung out. Anti-biotics, a hospital stay and the end of a long term relationship had depleted me. Nance's way of listening deeply and then connecting me to plant remedies and the earth was profound. I foraged, made, gathered from stores and soaked, looked and healed. The routines I began upon her advice continue to sustain me through a renewed ability to self care. The experience set a new course for me.“

Artist + Assistant Professor

"Nance provided thorough, expert and exceptionally mindful herbal work for me this past year. She took the time to talk through my concerns, had me fill out a questionnaire that happily dug a bit deeper into my "whole health" scenario and followed up with clear instructions (even when I wasn't that easy to follow up with!) and herbal remedies that not only helped but played a part in my healing and my symptoms are almost entirely gone.”

Community Activist